Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be held in Luce Hall Auditorium, 34 Hillhouse Ave. New Haven, CT 06511


5:00-6:30pm Keynote Address - Human Trafficking: Is the Moral Arc of the Universe Bending Toward Justice?

Martina Vandenberg , The Human Trafficking Legal Center

6:30-8:00pm GLC 20th ANNIVERSARY RECEPTION (Luce Hall Common Room)


8:00-8:45am Coffee and Registration

8:50-9:10am Welcome

David Blight, Genevieve LeBaron, Jessica Pliley

9:15-11:15am Portrayals of Exploitation and Freedom

Anna Mae Duane (Univ. of Connecticut) - Moderator

Zoe Trodd (Univ. of Nottingham) - Panelist
“Survivor Voices and the Antislavery Movement”

Eileen Boris (Univ. of California-Santa Barbara) - Panelist
“Slaves No More, But Workers”

Kieran Guilbert (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Panelist
“Reporting Sensitively on Slavery”

11:15-11:30am Coffee Break 

11:30am-1:30pm Turning to the State 

David Blight (GLC Director) - Moderator

Jennifer (JJ) Rosenbaum (Global Labor Justice) - Panelist
“Forced Labor, Migration, and the State”

Jessica Pliley (Texas State Univ.) - Panelist
“The League of Nations’ Sex Trafficking Investigations”

Ambassador Luis C.deBaca, ret. (GLC Robina Fellow in Modern Slavery) - Panelist
“The 3Ps Demand Rights, not Commerce”

1:30-2:45pm LUNCH/ Breakout session:

Julia Laite (Birkbeck, University of London) 
“Modern Slavery and Public History”


2:45-4:45pm Market-Based Solutions 

Joel Quirk (Univ. of the Witwatersrand) - Moderator

Andy Crane (Univ. of Bath) - Panelist
“The Problem with Market-Based Solutions”

Laura Germino (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) - Panelist
“The Fair Food Program: It Works”

Tim Bartley (Washington University in St. Louis) - Panelist
“Why Private Regulation Fails”


8:00-8:45am Coffee and Registration

9:00-11:00am Race and the Afterlives of Slavery 

Grace Peña Delgado (Univ. of California-Santa Cruz) - Moderator
Elena Shih (Brown Univ.) - Co-Moderator

Lyndsey Beutin (Oberlin College) - Panelist
“Trafficking in Anti-Blackness”

Elizabeth Hinton (Harvard Univ.) - Panelist
“Prison Slavery?”

Tracey L. Meares (Yale Univ.) - Panelist
“Abolition and the Ethics of Policing”

11:00-11:15am Coffee Break 

11:15am-1:15pm Mobilizing Civic and Worker Action 

Gunther Peck (Duke Univ.) - Moderator

Neha Misra (Solidarity Center- AFL CIO)- Panelist
“Decent Work as Anti-Trafficking Strategy”

Todd Landman (Univ. of Nottingham) - Panelist
“Social Movement Theory and Abolitionism”

Krishna Patel (Grace Farms Foundation) - Panelist
“Mobilizing Civic Action”

1:15-2:30pm LUNCH/ Breakout session 

2:30-4:30pm Roundtable: Fighting Modern Slavery: What Works?  

David Blight (GLC Director) - Moderator

Genevieve LeBaron (Univ. of Sheffield) - Panelist
“Corporate Fairytales vs. Workers’ Power”

Janie Chuang (American Univ.) - Panelist
“Protecting Migrant Workers, Preventing Trafficking”

Kevin Bales (Univ. of Nottingham) - Panelist
“The Most Resistant Slavery: Slavery in War”

Cathy Zimmerman (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) - Panelist 
“Determinants: What Do We Know?”

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick (Univ. of San Diego) - Panelist
“What Slaveholders Think”