Current Fellows

  • Makini Chisolm-Straker, GLC Argiro Fellow for the Study of Modern Slavery, September 2023—May 2024
    Project: “Precarity as social policy: A U.S. history of structural inequity”
    Spring 2024: Undergraduate Seminar, Department of History
  • Mishal Khan, GLC Postdoctoral Associate, September—December 2023
    Book Project: “Abolition Redux at the League of Nations: Managing “Native” Labor in British India and Beyond”
    GLC@Lunch Presentation

  • Scott Spillman, (GLC Visiting Scholar, September—December 2023
    Book Project: “Making Sense of Slavery: An American History”
    Reckoning with Slavery in US Intellectual History and in the University

  • Eric Herschthal, GLC Visiting Scholar, September 2023
    Assistant Professor of History, University of Utah
    Book Project: “Carbon Conscripts: Slavery and the Origins of Climate Change”
    GLC@Lunch presentation

  • Cassia Roth, GLC Visiting Scholar, April 2024
    Associate Professor in History & Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute, University of Georgia
    Project: “Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Brazil”

  • Briana Royster, GLC Visiting Scholar, September 2023
    Assistant Professor of History, University of Alabama
    Book Project: “Preference for Guiana”: African Americans, Emigration, and British Guiana
    GLC@Lunch presentation

  • Michael Tuck, GLC Visiting Associate Professor, February—May 2024
    Associate Professor of History, Northeastern Illinois University,
    Book Project: The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Cycle of Resistance along the Gambia River in the 18th Century

  • Christine DeLucia, GLC Visiting Scholar; January and March 2024
    Associate Professor of History, Williams College
    Project: “The Itineraries: Knowledge, Sovereignty, and Freedom in the Eighteenth-Century Northeast”

  • Jonathan Lande, GLC Visiting Scholar, February 2024
    Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University
    Book Project: “Warriors, Rebels, and Runaways: A History of Black Soldiers’ Struggle for Freedom during the American Civil War”

  • Christopher Leadingham, GLC Visiting Scholar, May 2024
    Associate Editor, Journal of Appalachian Studies
    Book Project: “The Greenup Slave Revolt: Slavery, Environment, and Resistance at the Edges of the Southern Mountains”