As part of the Legacies of American Slavery project, the project staff is curating a public list of existing resources at independent colleges and universities related to the legacies of slavery. A prototype of the resources database is now available. This is not a comprehensive list of resources or initiatives at CIC member institutions but a sampling of efforts to engage students and the public through curricular materials, research publications, archives, oral and digital exhibitions, podcasts, and more. The database will soon be searchable and sortable by multiple criteria, including the PDFnine legacy themes

Please let CIC know about other resources that might be added to the database by contacting us at You should include a very brief description, a public web link, a contact for further details, and an indication of which legacy theme(s) might be addressed using the resource. The description and web link may be included in a print and/or web publication for public distribution; submission of these details will be considered permission for CIC to publish the details (but not the actual resource) in any format.