The Jury’s Summary of Inquisition


State of Georgia

Wilkes County

An Inquisition Indented taken at Anthony Poulins in the County aforesaid, the twentyth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety two, before me Howell Jarrett Coroner of the county aforesaid upon the view of the body of a certain Negre by the name of Ben said to be the property of Richard Bayley, then and there lying dead Upon the Oathes of Absalom Jackson, William Nelson, Daniel Farrendet, Daniel Stergis, Dudly Reynels, Johnson Reynels, Adkins Massey, Barton Martin, Charles Vennable, John Hendly, Richard Porter and Anthony Poulin, good and lawful men of the [said] County, who being charged and sworn to enquire for the [said] state when where and after what manner the said Negro ben came to his death, do say upon their oathes that on the twenty ninth day of June last, that Norcut Slaven with a gun in his hand, wilfully shot the said Negro ben, in or about the publick road near the town of Washington, with a load of powder and shot, wounded the [said] Negro in the hind part of his thigh which we are of opinion was the cause of his death.  In witness whereof we the Jury as well as the Coroner have Interchangable set our hand and seals this 20th day of July 1792.

Howell Jarrett, coroner

Absalom Jackson, forem

John Hendley

Dudley Reynels

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