Tribune Answers Over 10,000 Calls on Fight

Chicago Daily Tribune


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“ ‘Tribune’ Answers Over 10,000 Calls on Fight,” The Chicago Daily Tribune, v. 74, n. 81, April 6, 1915.

CHICAGO of recent years never received the result of an athletic event with more enthusiasm and general satisfaction than the outcome of the Willard-Johnson fight in Havana yesterday. This fact was attested by four “Tribune” operators who established a new record for answering calls.

For three hours, between noon and 3 o’clock when requests for the result of the championship battle were greatest, it was estimated that nearly 10,000 calls were answered.

Because of the great inrush the operators were forced to bunch their lines. Between seven and ten persons making inquiries were answered at one time and there wasn’t a single letup during those three hours. Even as early as 8:30 o’clock fight fans were inquiring what time the bout would start. Because of the delay in beginning the battle the work of the operators was increased and it was nearly 1:30 o’clock before the first returns were flashed. By 3 o’clock the calls began to decrease in number, but many persons from points outside of the loop continued to ask for the result during the rest of the day.