Rome and America Eternal Opposites

Citation Information:”Rome and America Eternal Opposites,” The True American’s Almanac and Politician’s Manual for 1857. ed. Tisdale. New York: 1857.

The strange, cruel monster of Rome can never amalgamate with the fair and beautiful form of America. Liberty and Despotism are two eternal opposites. The genius of America shrinks aghast from the horrid embrace, and spurns with loathing and disgust the soul-enslaving spirit of popery. Free born American men will stand between the encroaching enemy of Scriptural truth and their own beloved land. They will vote down the hideous foe, for well they know that every victory which Native Americans gain, is the harbinger of greater safety and promised good—and their ultimate and complete triumph over foreign rule will be the ground of universal thanksgiving, the future theme of our poets and orators, and the song of our children and of millions of unborn generations. Who but Americans should govern America? And who but Arnolds would betray it into the hands of foreign Jesuits?