Report on impending ending of slave trade… (1/23/1792)

Granville Sharp

Citation Information:“Report on impending ending of slave trade…” (1/23/1792) Sharp, Granville. London Committee. January 23, 1792 (Clarkson Collection of MSS etc. v. 1).

Old Jewry London, Jan. 23, 1792

We have it now in our power to inform you, that it is intended to give Notice, in the House of Commons, on or about the 6th of February, that in about fix weeks from that time, i.e. about the 19th or 20th of March, a Motion will be made for the Abolition of the Slave Trade.

As soon as this Notice has been given (of which, left it should escape you, we intend giving you information) it will, of course be proper for the friends of the measure publickly to take such steps as will be most likely to procure Petitions in its favour. These Petitions must be on the Table of the House before the motion is made, i.e. before the 18th of March. However, as an early example will have great effect, we wish they may be presented as soon in the month of February as possible after the notice.

From Corporate Towns, we think it advisable, that the Petitions come from the Mayor, &c. and the Inhabitants jointly; but where the Corporations are not decidedly in favour, strenuous endeavors should be made to obtain them from the Inhabitants at large.

Petitions from Towns will not render those from Counties unnecessary; both are desirable, and we think those from Towns will greatly promote those from Counties.

It is scarcely necessary for us to observe that the prayer of the Petitions should be for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. You will please to consider this address as strictly confidential, except so far as you may think expedient to communicate it to those friends of the Cause, in the neighbouring Towns, as are likely to co-operate with you in procuring Petitions from their respective districts.

Relying on you zeal in promoting the purpose of this application, we are, &c.

Your obed. Servants

Thomas Clarkson

(in behalf of the London Committee )