Occupations of Negro Women in New York

Monroe. N. Work, ed.

Citation Information:  Monroe. N. Work. Occupations of Negro Women in New York. The Negro Yearbook, an Annual Encyclopedia of the Negro, 1921-1922. The Negro Year Book Publishing Company: Tuskegee Institute, 1922.

A study of the occupations of Negro women in New York under the title “A New Day for the Colored Woman Worker (1),” said: “Two years ago any discussion of Colored women in industry would have been met with the question, ‘But are there any Colored women working in shops and factories?’ and with good reason, for the Colored woman is a newcomer in the field of industry. Individuals, it is true, had found their way into special places long ago, but industry as a whole had never accepted them. The following table indicates in general the hospitality of the trades covered to the experiment of employing Colored women.”