Edward Rugemer awarded the World History Association’s Bentley Book Prize

Edward Rugemer awarded the World History Association's Bentley Book Prize for his recent book, Slave Law and the Politics of Resistance in the Early Atlantic World (Harvard Univ. Press)
June 18, 2019

The World History Association Book Prize was created in 1999 to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of world history. In 2012, the it renamed in memory of Jerry H. Bentley and his significant contributions to the field of world history and the World History Association.

Authors, publishers, WHA members, or other interested parties may nominate books published during a calendar year. Please note that only books published in the immediately preceding calendar year are eligible (e.g., only books published in 2018 are eligible for the 2019 prize).

The winner of the Book Prize will receive an award of $500. Formal bestowal of the prize is made at the WHA annual meeting, normally held in June or July. A one-year membership in the WHA and a certificate will also be included with each prize.

For a book to be considered for the prize, one copy of the book must be provided to each of the Bentley Book Prize Committee’s three members. Entries must be received by 1 February. Late entries and submissions which do not adhere to these guidelines will be disqualified.

In the event that the Book Prize Committee considers the quality of the entries does not warrant the awarding of any prize, the Committee shall have the right to make no award available. A copy of nominated books for the WHA Bentley Book Prize should be sent each member of the Committee.

Read the full announcement including the full recipients list herehttps://www.thewha.org/awards/bentley-book-prize/