Jackie Cool to Promotion to Brooklyn Unless the Dodger Players Want Him

Citation Information:“Jackie Cool to Promotion to Brooklyn Unless the Dodger Players Want Him,” Richmond Afro American and the Richmond Planet, April 5, 1947, 63rd Year, N. 20, Page 16.

HAVANA (ANP)— The only thing keeping Jackie Robinson from aligning himself with the major league Brooklyn Dodgers is the attitude of the players themselves, according to observers here last week.

The players know it, everybody knows it, including Jackie.

The Montreal Royals’ star first sacker had his bit to say about it last Monday during a brief timeout from Spring training practice.

“If the Dodgers don’t want me, there would be no point in my forcing myself on them. I am in the Brooklyn organization and naturally I want to see them win. I wouldn’t want to feel that I was doing anything that would keep them from winning,” he said.

Got Along Fine

“I got along fine in Montreal. I made friends there. The team, I am sure, did not suffer by my presence. We won the pennant by as big a margin as we pleased and went on to win the little world series.

“That couldn’t have happened if Montreal’s morale was not as high as it should be,” he declared. “No sir, morale is mighty important.

Admittedly his interest in joining the mother club is economic and purely selfish just like all ball players. The minimum salary on the Dodgers team is $5,000 “which is more than I’m getting now.” It is believed that he is signed to a contract calling for $4,000.

Won’t Feel Badly

“I won’t feel too badly if I don’t make it,” Jackie said with a “devil-may-care” attitude. “That’s what I say to myself when I go out there and play those exhibitions. I’m not under any pressure…”