Cinque and Heroes of the American Revolution

The Colored American

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“Cinque and Heroes of the American Revolution,” The Colored American. March 27, 1841

CINQUE. — This noble hero, by his defence of liberty, has placed himself side by side with Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel and John Adams fathers of the Revolution. The justice of the nation has stood up in vindication of his deeds, in defence of his course, and decreed them right. How could they have done otherwise, with an example so illustrious as the American Revolution before them. Were he not an African, a black man, his fame would be emblazoned forever on the tide of time, and written in high eulogium by the historian’s pen. Robert Purvis has done himself great honor, in causing to have so correct a likeness taken of him on steel, to be handed down to posterity. His character and his acts certainly deserve to be written in song. Either would form a subject for those who muse in poetry. Now that the victory is won, will it not inspire the poet of the Merrimac. May it not be a subject for C.L.R. or H.H.G., or D.A.P. or Philomath. These, our own brethren, sometimes appear in song.