Annotated Mississippi Code

Unlawful Marriages, Poll tax, Education

Citation Information:”Unlawful Marriages, Poll tax, Education” Annotated Mississippi Code, v. 1, 1927. Indianpolis.

2725 (2549) Unlawful marriages—Persons shall not marry within the following degrees.—1. The son shall not marry his grandmother, his mother, or his stepmother; the brother his sister; the father his daughter, or his granddaughter; the son shall not marry the daughter of his father begotten of his step-mother, or his aunt, being his father’s or mother’s sister, nor shall the children or brother or sister, or brothers and sisters intermarry being first cousins by blood. (Laws 1922, ch. 235. In effect January 1, 1923)

2726. (2550) Unlawful marriages—What marriages are incestuous.—The father shall not marry his son’s widow; a man shall not marry his wife’s daughter, or his wife’s daughter’s daughter, or his wife’s son’s daughter, or the daughter of his brother or sister; and the like prohibition shall extend to females in the same degrees; and all marriages prohibited by this and the preceding section are incestuous and void.

2727. (2551) Unlawful marriages—Between white person and negro or Mongolian prohibited.—The marriage of a white person and a negro or mulatto or person who shall have one-eighth or more of negro blood, or with a Mongolian or a person who shall have one-eighth or more of Mongolian blood, shall be unlawful, and such marriage shall be unlawful and void; and any party thereto, on conviction, shall be punished as for marriage within the degrees prohibited by the last two sections; and any attempt to evade this and the two preceding sections by marrying out of this state and returning to it shall be within them.