Past MDSHT Fellows


  • Stephanie Redden, GLC Postdoctoral Associate: July 1, 2019—June 31, 2020 (PhD, Political Science, Carleton University) Project: “Hello from the Inside: Race, Gender, and Unfree Labor with the Transnationally-Situated Prison Call Centre Industry”. Brown Bag Talk: January 29, 2020 (event page


  • Amelia Hintzen, Ruth J. Simmons Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, Brown University. GLC Postdoctoral Associate: August- December 2017. Book Project: “Sugarcane Citizenship: Migration, Race, and the Nation in the Dominican Republic” (Podcast episode)
  • Gunther Peck, Associate Professor of History, Duke University. GLC Visiting Associate Professor & Robina Fellow in Modern Slavery: August 2017-May 2018. Book Project: “The Shadow of White Slavery: Race, Empire, and History in Contemporary Campaigns to Abolish Human Trafficking” (Podcast episode)


  • Wendy Hesford, Professor of English and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies The Ohio State University (September 2016-May 2017), “Enslaved Girlhoods: Human Trafficking Law, Literature, and Abolitionist Rhetoric.” During the Fall 2016 semester, Dr. Hesford is teaching an undergraduate seminar, “Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery,”  in the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Department. Wendy was interviewed by Yale University’s MacMillian Center here . (Podcast episode)
  • Tammy Ingram, Associate Professor of History, College of Charleston (September 2016-May 2017).  “The Wickedest City in America: Sex, Race, and Organized Crime in the Jim Crow South.” During the Spring 2017 semester, Dr. Ingram will be teaching an undergraduate seminar, “Neo-Slavery in the Jim Crow South: Sex, Race, and Forced Labor after the  Civil War,” in the History Department. Professor Ingram is the inaugural Robina Fellow for Modern Slavery at the GLC. You can find an interviewed with Professor Ingram by Yale University’s MacMillan Center here. (Podcast episode)
  • Elena Shih, Assistant Professor, American Studies and Ethnic Studies, Brown University (October 2016) “The Price of Freedom: Moral and Political Economies of Human Trafficking in China, Thailand, and the U.S.” (Podcast episode)


  • Genevieve LeBaron, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield (Sept-Oct 2015, January-May 2016) “Understanding and Governing the Contemporary Global Business of Forced Labor”


  • Rebecca S. Prichard, Lecturer in Theatre Studies, Essex University, “Carnevale” a play mixing slavery in 18th Century Venice and modern trafficking


  • Kerry Ward, Associate Professor, Rice University, “Ground Zero: The explosion of anti-human trafficking initiatives in Houston, Texas”


  • Jessica Pliley, Assistant Professor of History, Texas State University, “The FBI’s Local White Slavery Corps: The Fight Against Sex Trafficking and the Growth of the Associative State, 1910-1919”