Opening Roundtable: State of the Field VIDEO (part 1) | VIDEO (part 2)

  • James Oakes, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Eve M. Troutt Powell, University of Pennsylvania
  • Eric Foner, Columbia University
  • Vincent Brown, Duke University

Emancipation and Politics VIDEO (part 1) | VIDEO (part 2)

  • Kate Masur, Northwestern University
  • Chandra Manning, Georgetown University
  • Brandi C. Brimmer, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Moderator: David W. Blight, Yale University 

 Emancipation and Ideology VIDEO (part 1) | VIDEO (part 2)

  • Dylan C. Penningroth, Northwestern University
  • Susan Eva O’Donovan, University of Memphis
  • Allyson Hobbs, Stanford University
  • Moderator: Greg Downs, City College of New York 

 Emancipation and Borders VIDEO (part 1) | VIDEO (part 2)

  • Sandra Gunning, University of Michigan
  • Jim Downs, Connecticut College
  • Steven Hahn, University of Pennsylvania
  • Moderator: James Oakes, CUNY Graduate Center 

Emancipation and Violence VIDEO (part 1) | VIDEO (part 2)

  • Carole Emberton, SUNY Buffalo
  • Hannah Rosen, University of Michigan
  • Justin Behrend, SUNY Geneseo
  • Moderator: David W. Blight, Yale University 

Concluding Roundtable: New Directions in the Field VIDEO (part 1) | VIDEO (part 2)

  • Elizabeth Alexander, Yale University
  • Thavolia Glymph, Duke University
  •  Greg Downs, City College of New York
  • Moderator: David W. Blight, Yale University