Race and Slavery Working Group

Race and Slavery in the Atlantic World is designed to give faculty and graduate students a forum to present work-in-progress related to Atlantic World slavery. 
The working group is open to Yale affiliates interested in slavery and related subjects in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Africa before 1900. We aim to give participants an opportunity to present book or dissertation chapters, articles-in-progress, or prospectus drafts. Topics include but are not limited to the relationship between slavery and: the state, society, politics, empire, political economy, agriculture, gender, resistance and revolt, abolition, emancipation, and cultural and racial formations. 
We meet on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm, at 81 Wall Street, Room 201 (Gordon Parks Seminar Room). Workshop format is a pre-circulated paper with a moderated discussion. Please contact us to be added to the working group email list. Pre-circulated papers are only distributed to the group email list. To be added, contact: Ben Parten or Teanu Reid
Ed Rugemer, Professor, History Department: edward.rugemer@yale.edu
Anne EllerProfessor, History Department: anne.eller@yale.edu
Teanu Reid, PhD Student, History Department: teanu.reid@yale.edu