Modern Day Slavery Working Group

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The GLC Modern Day Slavery Working Group provides a platform for interaction for a diverse group of top scholars drawn from the primary international research networks. Group members are experts on different dimensions of contemporary slavery and trafficking who share a commitment to big-picture thinking, rigorous scholarship, public engagement, and to carving out the policy relevance of their work. The group focuses on aspects of research on human trafficking and modern slavery that are key to its societal value, but rarely get discussed within existing networks focused on themes or topics. These issues include, but are not limited to: the links between scholarship, policy, and activism; methodologies for modern slavery research; the paucity of reliable data on contemporary forced labor; and opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation. The Working Group fosters intellectual exchange between existing projects anchored within different disciplinary traditions and provides fertile ground to undertake new collaborative projects.

With the GLC providing the resources and locale for convening and Drs. LeBaron and Pliley providing leadership, the Working Group will decide for itself specific outcomes to be produced. Possibilities include a landmark, field-defining book on modern slavery; the creation of new web-based resources; or public conferences or institutes focused on the topic. The Working Group also opens up new channels of communication between scholars of contemporary slavery and the wider public, bridging the gap between cutting-edge, independent research and public understandings of slavery, such as through podcasts, film, and journalistic writing.